Praise Reports



I love the daily walk! I feel you talk directly to what my soul needs each day! The way you talk and explain is very down to earth and comforting, some pastors i have a hard time relating to, but you speak exactly what i need to hear! I cant express how much i appreciate you! Thank you! Patrick


Love your program, your no-holds-barred type of preaching and your humor.  You are the real deal when it comes to living for Christ and a great example to all of us. Can I make a suggestion, though?  MOVE TO THE EAST COAST!!!!  Our waves aren't as big, and you might have to thicken up your blood a bit in the winter, but we have really good pizza! Rachel- Jackson NJ

Well 1st off may I say I listen too the daily walk on the radio every morning. I'm a paper delivery guy. And I love to hear u out u been a great help in my faith and getting too know the lord more. I'm a single parent of two lil boys. And well its been a hard road for me and my boys. I do bible studies here in vista were I live. And Jesus has been working in me lil by lil and I fill much better. Well I just want say thanks and may god keep u on the air for along time god bless in Jesus name. Sergio- KWAVE 107.9, CA

Dear John,
 I reside in California City California and as I traveled yesterday very early on interstate I-40 from California to Lake Havasu Arizona I heard you for the first time and you were speaking about gatekeepers. I just wanted to make contact and say I enjoyed the radio service. I was touched and want to hear more and perhaps you can give me a list of the stations that broadcast your radio sermon in the local southern California high desert area. Thank you
Donald-KWAVE 107.9 CA

Dear Pastor John:
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your program which I listen to Monday-Friday on The Bridge in Monticello, NY (99.7). You cannot imagine how much of a blessing it is. I am currently responsible for e-mails to church members containing the Word for the day, and I always like to receive something from God as a prayer for us all to focus on that day.  Listening to your program always gives me a Word from God that I can use, both with the church family and myself. I cannot thank you enough for being a committed man of God who is a special vessel that He uses to rebuke, correct, guide and encourage. Keep up the good work and remember we are standing beside you in your walk with Him.
  Juliet- The BridgeFM NY/NJ

I'm just writing to say Thank you to John Randall and everybody who makes it possible for us to hear him on a daily basis!  I used to go to church only to leave with more questions then answers and not really understand the sermon! I finally quit going because I was getting frustrated and didn't know how to apply the lessons to everyday life. I eventually started doing my own bible study at home starting with page 1 in the bible and looking things up on the internet so I could get a better understanding of what God wants/has planned for me. Then my husband discovered pastor John Randall and I've been hooked ever since! He makes it easy to follow him and he brings such knowledge and happiness when he preaches! aAnd he breaks it down so its easier to learn what God is wanting! And for that I say THANK YOU! We have started looking for a church who has  a pastor like John Randall who gets into it!!! And enjoy what they do!  I know sooner or later we will fine one! And again Thank you !! 

John - since I have been listening lately my walk with God has become more close and I am trusting Him more each day.  Your teaching has been very beneficial. Thanks again and may God bless you personally and the radio ministry. 

Hello Pastor,I have been wanting to write you for a while now.. I have been wanting to give you the thanks for your broadcast. I love listening to you every morning. What I enjoy so much is that you are straight forward, speaking the truth of God. You have a wonderful gift of speech, and the way you speak keeps me focused, your not boring in other words! Hahaha but thank you again. May God bless you in every way. Katie -Sun City, and im 23.

Brother John, I have been blessed by your show since July when I moved to Canyon Lake from Glendora and began commuting at 4:15am. I and my brother and another friend came to hear you and were all very blessed and moved by your message. I struggled during the Altar Call and after your final plea, I was moved to respond and recommit my life. I have only recently begun to seek an intimate relationship with the Lord and I have greatly enjoyed your program and teaching. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I really enjoyed seeing you in person. God Bless You and your ministry and I'll continue to join you for my daily walk. 
Vic- KWVE 107.9


We listen to your broadcast every morning at 6:00AM on KXGR 89.7 Grace FM in the Denver, Colorado area.  We find it so encouraging and a great way to start our day before our own quiet time.  Keep it up.  This nation needs young men who will stand up and speak the truth.  God Bless you.  
Susan-Denver GRACEFM


Dear Pastor; I am 65 years old tomorrow, and have been fulltime ministry for 40 + years. Pastor a Pentecostal church is Los Angeles, Highland Park, which is call "His Place."  I have also work for the Hacienda  La Puente USD for twenty-five years and have just moved to the Victorville area 2 years ago. I want you to know that you are my 4:30 AM K-WAVE radio Pastor.  Your preaching has inspiried my life everyday driving to work. Your knowledge of the word is wonderful. I have so enjoyed your series preaching and have not missed to many of them. I have been preaching a series on Spiritual Growth, and just this past week you inspired me to preach on fighting against God. If we are not in complete surrender to God, we are fighting against Him. It turn out great! Thanks! Thank God that the battle is not ours, but the battle belongs to Him! I pray God's blessings upon you and yours, and may your church and ministry flourish and grow and grow. Thanks again for you ministry and message. Lord willing I'll see you and listen to you in the morning.  

I listen to a daily walk every morning on my way to work on 103.1 Bridge FM. I thank God for you! I am a full-time working single mother; and have been saved almost 2 years now.  And every morning I rely on John's sermons for a boost in my soul and he keeps my "kingdom minded" daily; like a "spiritual vitamin"! And for this, I thank God! God Bless and I love you!
 your sister always, 


Pastor John, I am writing once again to thank you for your incredible knowledge, insight and teachings. While in the book of Romans, your sermons convicted me of seemingly ordinary, innocent "things". TV shows I watch, secular music I listen to, etc. Thru your influence and mostly that of the Holy Spirit, I thank God everyday that He is stirring my spirit and cleaning house!! God bless you, your family and your ministry. You make my 40 minute ride to work very valuable.
Sincerely, Phyllis

Hey guys, I listen to your radio broadcast every morning in Denver. I get up super early and it's great to be able to listen to the broadcast at that hour. My church is solid and has great doctrine, but the sermons tend to be milky rather than meaty. I graduated from Bible college a few years ago so it's hard to go from that to the kind of sermons I'm getting on Sunday mornings-I just end up wanting more. It's great to be able to listen to your broadcast as well and learn some more.
Thanks! –Rachel, CO